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Release 6.7.0

· 2 min read
Simon Porritt

What's new?

Snaplines plugin

We've added a brand new plugin in this release - Snaplines:

Snaplines - align your flowcharts and diagrams perfectly - JsPlumb - Angular, React, Vue, Svelte diagramming library

When the edge or center of any two elements is in proximity a snapline appears, in green (by default - but you can change that with CSS). When they are exactly in line, the snapline goes red. The related element for an active snapline is also assigned a CSS class, for maximum flexibility for your design team.

You can see this plugin in action in the Flowchart builder. We're looking forward to seeing what you build with it!

Basic shapes

A new shape set is available in 6.7.0. The basic shapes set includes things like rectangles, hexagons, triangles, and more:

Basic shapes for diagrams - JsPlumb, leading alternative to GoJS and JointJS

We've added these to the Flowchart builder (but you'll need to pick them from the dropdown - they're not initially visible)


We've made a few miscellaneous updates in this release:

  • The surface component now supports an editablePaths flag, which, if set, sets up a path editor internally and allows you to call methods on the Surface directly to edit paths. It also ensures the path editors are included and will not slip through any tree shaker.
  • The drawing tools plugin now supports a constrainGroups flag, which, if set, will prevent the group from being resized to such a point that any of its child members are out of the viewport.
  • The drawing tools plugin will not now resize a collapsed group.
  • We fixed an issue with the grid background plugin where if any elements were positioned in the negative x or y axis the surface's clamping was computed incorrectly.
  • Some CSS classes were added for basic styling of a shape library palette.
  • The shape library palette takes an optional initialSet parameter, allow you to specify an initial shape set to show and hide the others.
  • When a single shape set is shown, the shape library palette doesnt show that set's title, since it is shown in the dropdown above.

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