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Release 6.7.1

· 2 min read
Simon Porritt

Hello World starter app

We've already got a bunch of great starter apps you can use as a basis for your own, but sometimes you want to start from something a little more bare-bones. So we've added a Hello World starter app - just enough to get you started.

Hello World - JsPlumb, build diagrams and rich visual UIs fast

Collapsible Hierarchy demonstration

The Toolkit's real strength lies in how flexible it is. In our new Collapsible Hierarchy demonstration we combine our tried and trusted hierarchy layout with dynamic selection rendering to implement a layout in which you can collapse nodes and prune their descendants.

Collapsible hierarchy Italic language family - JsPlumb, leading alternative to GoJS and JointJS

The dataset we used for this is the Italic languages. Lookout for a separate post on this demo over the next couple of days.

Initial shape set selection in Shape Palettes

We have added support for the initialShape optional parameter as an argument to the shape library palette component in each of our Angular, React, Vue 2 and Vue 3 integrations. If you have a library with multiple shape sets and you want to initialize the palette showing only one set, this is the flag you need.

multiple svg shape sets for diagramming - JsPlumb - Angular, React, Vue, Svelte diagramming library

Inspector bugfix

We fixed a small issue in our inspectors: prior to 6.7.1 a change in a <select> element would not be detected dynamically, only when the user committed the inspector.

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