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Release 6.7.2

· One min read
Simon Porritt


  • Fixed an issue writing attributes to the xlink namespace in the vanilla template engine
  • Updated template parsing code to better handle extraneous whitespace.
  • Improvements to the preview view of the svg/png/jpg export code
  • Updated jsdocs for Vue 2 and Vue 3 integration packages
  • Added the ability to register a Surface on Vue 2 and Vue 3 manually - allowing you to use vanilla templating inside of a Vue app.


  • The order of arguments in the fixElement method has been switched from (el:Element, constraints:FixedElementConstraints, pos:PointXY) to (el:Element, pos:PointXY, constraints?:FixedElementConstraints). This better reflects the fact that constraints is an optional argument whereas pos is not.

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