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Release 6.9.1

· One min read
Simon Porritt


6.9.1 is a minor release but also fairly significant - we've made a few key changes in the React integration so that it fully supports being used in NextJS applications:

  • Updates to React integration to better support NextJS dynamic unload/reload
  • Updated the wheel listener to check for existence of document before testing for available event (SSR fix for NextJS)

In conjunction, we've pushed NextJS versions of three of our most popular starter apps:

Flowchart Builder

flowchart builder - jsPlumb Toolkit, industry standard diagramming and rich visual UI Javascript library

Chatbot Builder

chatbot builder - jsPlumb Toolkit, flowcharts, chatbots, bar charts, decision trees, mindmaps, org charts and more

Schema Builder

database schema builder - jsPlumb Toolkit, leading alternative to GoJS and JointJS

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