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Release 6.16.0

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Simon Porritt

Orthogonal connector paths

We've made a major improvement to orthogonal connector path editing in version 6.16.0. In a nutshell, it's now far harder for a user to inadvertently get the UI into the situation that a connector doubles back onto itself underneath a vertex, which makes for a more intuitive experience. This is how the editor behaves in 6.16.0:

orthogonal connector vertex avoid - JsPlumb, build diagrams and rich visual UIs fast

and this is how the editor behaves in versions prior to 6.16.0:

orthogonal connector vertex overlap - JsPlumb - Angular, React, Vue, Svelte diagramming library

We think the behaviour in 6.16.0 is much nicer.

Vue 2 / Vue 3 integration

  • It's no longer necessary to declare the BaseNodeComponent or BaseGroupComponent mixin when using the Vue2 or Vue3 integration packages. These mixins are automatically added by JsPlumb if not specified in your component.

Miscellaneous updates

As we inch ever closer to our 7.x release we are continuing the work of reducing duplication and cruft from the codebase.

  • Several events that were previously fired by the UI layer but not consumed by the Surface have been removed, as have their associated constants.
  • The UI rendering layer's "lists" package has been removed. This package was part of the Community edition and was not exposed via the Toolkit API.

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