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20 Jun 2020
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20 Oct 2016
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22 Dec 2013

Community Edition 2.2.2 Release

Version 2.2.2 of the Community Edition was released today. Having not posted about release 2.2.0, we'll cover all of the things that warranted a minor version bump here. 2.2.2 is itself just a re-release of 2.2.1, which did not include all of the features it claimed to include.

The key differences in 2.2.x are:

  • jsPlumb now supports Webpack.
  • class prefixes were changed from jsplumb- to jtk- to bring them into line with the Toolkit edition.
  • paint style parameters were aligned more closely with their SVG equivalents.

Backwards Compatibility

  • There are no backwards compatibility issues in 2.2.2.

New Functionality

We'll list out everything in the 2.2.x series here:

  • corrected deployment issue in 2.2.1. 2.2.1 does not do what it says; it is an impostor.
  • upgrade to Katavorio 0.18.0; now rank is supported in dropOptions to makeTarget or addEndpoint. Use this when
    you want to make a Group container a connection target but you want to give prededence to Nodes inside the Groups.

  • set drop rank for Group elements automatically (if user does not provide one) so that Nodes receive drop events before

  • Overhaul of keys used in paintStyle and hoverPaintStyle objects:

  • All class names changed from jsplumb- prefix to jtk-, to bring them into line with the prefix used by the Toolkit edition.

  • support webpack

  • add webpack demo page

  • upgrade to Mottle 0.7.3

  • upgrade to Katavorio 0.17.0

  • straight connectors extracted to a separate JS file for dev

  • added disable/enable functionality example to sources and targets demo


The full changelog can be viewed here.