Community Edition 4.x Beta Release Community Edition 4.x Beta Release
20 Jun 2020
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20 Oct 2016
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20 Oct 2016
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25 Jul 2015
Toolkit Edition 1.0.0 Toolkit Edition 1.0.0
23 Jul 2015
Community Edition 1.7.6 Community Edition 1.7.6
23 Jul 2015
Connecting SVG Shapes (Raphael, Highcharts etc) Connecting SVG Shapes (Raphael, Highcharts etc)
22 Jul 2015
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15 Jan 2015
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28 Jan 2014
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17 Jan 2014
Custom Connectors Custom Connectors
22 Dec 2013

Community Edition 1.7.6

Predominantly a bugfix release, with a few new options for controlling connection detachment (and one small
backward compatibility issue to be aware of).

This release also sees the introduction of the name Community Edition, to distinguish open source jsPlumb from
the just-released, commercially licensed, Toolkit Edition, which is a wrapper project that uses open source
jsPlumb as its view layer.

The Community Edition will continue to be open source with an MIT (or GPL2 if that's what you need) license, and it will
continue to be actively developed.

Backwards Compatibility

  • All versions of jsPlumb prior to 1.7.6 would fire beforeDetach for both new Connection drags and also
    dragging of existing Connections. As of 1.7.6 this latter behaviour has been moved to the beforeStartDetach

New Functionality

  • revalidate now supports the same arguments as repaint - an ID, an Element, or a list-like
    object (such as the results of $(..) or document.querySelectorAll)

  • added beforeStartDetach interceptor: a function that is called before an existing connection is dragged
    off of one of its endpoints, and which can return false to cancel the drag.

  • The unbind method on various objects (jsPlumbInstance, Connection, Endpoint to name a few) now supports
    passing a Function to be unbound, rather than just some event name.

  • Connectors now have a getLength function, which returns their length in pixels. To access from a Connection, you
    need to first get the connector: someConnection.getConnector().getLength()


The full changelog can be viewed here.