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22 Dec 2013

Toolkit Edition 1.0.0

This week sees the release of version 1.0.0 of the Toolkit Edition of jsPlumb. This is a commercially licensed
project that wraps open source jsPlumb with a bunch of useful functionality:

  • Data binding via client side templates, supporting declarative configuration of connectivity.
  • An underlying directed graph, allowing you to query the data in several ways.
  • A pan/zoom widget with the ability to serialize its state (either manually or automatically) to local storage or cookies.
  • A minimap widget to assist in the navigation of large datasets.
  • Automatic layouts (Hierarchical, Spring, Circular, Absolute), plus the ability to write your own.
  • A powerful declarative mechanism for defining the appearance and behaviour of the various parts of your UI.
  • Data load/save, either automatically or on-demand.

With this feature set you can rapidly develop a robust, maintainable UI that has connectivity
at its core.


The Toolkit ships with a number of demonstrations - this is the "Flowchart Builder":

You can play with this demo here. A complete explanation for how the app is put together is here.


Documentation is at


The roadmap for the Toolkit edition can be found here:

Development of the Community edition will continue unchanged by the release of the Toolkit. The Toolkit uses the
Community edition as its view layer, and any functionality that properly belongs in the view layer will continue
to be added to the Community edition.