jsPlumb consists of several scripts in development, which are concatenated together when it comes time to release. You can run this yourself on the source - you need Grunt and Jekyll.

Building jsPlumb

In the main project directory, execute the following command:

grunt build   

The output is written into ./dist. Subsequent builds will overwrite the contents of the dist directory.

Building Custom Versions

1.5.0 introduced the ability to build custom versions of jsPlumb, omitting connectors you do not need. This does not, admittedly, save you a huge amount; future releases will take this ability a step further and allow you, for instance, to leave out the whole makeTarget/makeSource module, should you wish to.

If you need only the Flowchart connectors, you'd do this:

grunt build --connectors=flowchart

If you need only the State Machine connectors:

grunt build --connectors=statemachine 

Valid values for connectors are connector names, all in lower case.

Note It is important you do not leave a space between values for the connectors or renderers parameters. Grunt will get confused if you do.