22nd March 2017

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.3.2 (which includes Katavorio 1.19.2)


16th March 2017

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.3.1
  • update to ensure that endpoints/anchors in Port definitions correctly override endpoints/anchors in Edge definitions.


8th March 2017

  • Updated Angular 2 integration to force a render of each node as it is created. This ensures that any jtk-port, jtk-source or jtk-target elements are fully rendered before we try to process them.


8th March 2017

  • added support for isEndpoint flag in port definitions in the view. Causes jsPlumb to use an Endpoint instead of making an entire element a source/target.

  • added support for jtk-port, jtk-source and jtk-target elements to Group templates.

  • updated the Surface widget to correctly render isEndpoint Ports when new Ports are added programmatically to a Toolkit instance.

  • updated the Angular docs with a short discussion on the perils of the asynchronous nature of Angular's rendering cycle.


1st March 2017

  • added support for anchor-x, anchor-y, orientation-x, orientation-y, offset-x and offset-y attributes in the jtk-port element.


27th February 2017

  • updated the exportData method to correctly export edges between Groups.


27th February 2017

  • add grunt to webpack package json


27th February 2017

  • fix issue with preinstall script when running on Windows


21st February 2017

  • setPosition method of Surface widget now works for Groups too
  • animateToPosition method of Surface widget now works for Groups too.
  • toolkit and renderer are now passed as arguments to any events defined in your views.


16th February 2017

  • Upgrade to Community edition 2.3.0
  • Community edition is now bundled into the Toolkit edition - no separate import is required.
  • addition of Angular 2 integration support
  • addition of Webpack bundling example
  • addition of React integration support
  • addition of Vue 2 integration support
  • npm pack of the Toolkit code is shipped with licenses
  • documentation updates
  • fixed issue that was preventing deselection of Group elements
  • fixed issue with update of moved nodes in miniview.
  • fixed issue with duplicate Nodes being allowed inside Groups
  • doNotFireEvent parameter removed from Toolkit's addToGroup method.
  • fixed issue with Groups not being removed from DOM on clear.
  • Surface widget fires lasso:end event on lasso mouseup. No arguments are passed to the callback method.


3rd January 2017

  • added getClusters method to Toolkit and to Graph


20 December 2016

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.2.8


2 December 2016

  • added getEdgeAt method to Path
  • added support for custom buttons on dialogs.


29 November 2016

  • documentation updates for Hierarchical layout


28 November 2016

  • documentation updates.


27 November 2016

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.2.6

  • setAbsolutePosition(el, xy[]) removed from the Surface widget. Use setPosition(el, x, y) instead. setAbsolutePosition is still used by Decorators.

  • Nodes added programmatically to Groups (via the Toolkit's addToGroup(Group, Node) method) are placed in the center of the Group's drag area. Previously no change was made to their offset and this more often than not resulted in the Node not appearing inside the Group.

  • upgrade to Rotors 0.3.12

  • support HTTP headers in save method and in auto save functionality.


28 October 2016

  • added support for Groups

  • added support for multiple root nodes in hierarchical layout

  • aliased the getEdge method in Selection as getEdgeAt; this is more consistent with the API to access Nodes/Groups.

  • support for custom template resolver in render call

  • support for templates provided as a map of string s in render call.

  • added a couple of helper methods to the jsPlumbToolkitInstance class for working with Edges:

    selectAllEdges : Gets all edges in the Toolkit instance as a Selection object.

    addAllEdgesToSelection : Adds all the Edges in the Toolkit instance to the Toolkit's current selection.


18 October 2016

  • fix issue with ingestNode method causing miniview to fail with ingested community instance.
  • ensure ingested nodes are registered with the layout.


20 September 2016

  • fix issue that was causing a loopback to be added twice to the object it belonged to (although not to the Toolkit itself)


6 September 2016

  • update to jsPlumb 2.1.7, containing a few minor connection fixes.


29 August 2016

  • further small fix to whitespace rendering


28 August 2016

  • fixed issue with whitespace rendering inside templates (in some cases whitespace was being trimmed when it should not have been)

  • added setSourceEnabled, setTargetEnabled, setEnabled methods to Surface widget


18 August 2016

  • fixed issue with setVisible method on the Surface widget, in which connections from some element were made visible when the element was made visible, even if their other element was not currently visible.


12 August 2016

  • upgraded Community edition to 2.1.5, which contains Mottle 0.7.3, which itself has a fix for the synthesized tap event on Safari and Firefox.


8 July 2016

  • upgrade to community jsPlumb 2.1.4
  • reinstate missing apps (hello world, skeleton app)


19 May 2016

  • upgrade to jsPlumb Community 2.1.2, which contains a couple of bugfixes for click events and for overlays that were not being removed when switching types.


6 May 2016

  • upgrade to jsPlumb Community 2.1.1
  • fix for an operator precedence issue in the default object factory that was causing the object's type to be forgotten.
  • upgrade to Rotors 0.3.11 (fix for deeply nested template rendering)
  • fix for default JSON parser when Ports that have no nodeId are present.


21 April 2016

  • api documentation fixes
  • upgrade to jsPlumb community 2.1.0 (a couple of memory leak issue fixes)
  • upgrade to Rotors 0.3.10
  • upgrade to Farahey 0.7
  • memory leak fixes
  • fix issue with miniview not repainting after expansion


17 March 2016

  • update Rotors to fix possible infinite loop with nested templates


9 March 2016

  • update Rotors


9 March 2016

  • fixed an issue with the auto save: it was not suspended during data load.


8 February 2016

  • fix for inverse lasso: the mask does not appear until the user starts to drag.


1 February 2016

  • fix for state deactivate - parameterised overlays now retain their values.


25 January 2016

  • internal build script update to community 2.0.6


24 January 2016

  • update to Rotors 0.3.7, which contains a fix for parameterised attributes on custom elements, and support for an 'updated' callback in custom tags.

  • add support for inverted mode to lasso, in which unselected parts of the UI are masked, rather than the default behaviour of drawing an element to represent the selected area.

  • update community jsPlumb to 2.0.6. Not a required update for 1.0.14; 2.0.5 is ok.


11 January 2016

  • getAllEdges in jsPlumbToolkit no longer takes parameters, and actually works properly now.
  • added getAllEdges to Graph class.
  • small tidy up in Angular demo templates to fix IE* rendering issue.


14 December 2015

  • Update to Rotors to support attributes with colons (such as xlink:href on an svg image)

  • Fix updateNode bug: nodes were not being removed from previous posses before being possibly added to new ones.

  • Posses are assigned to elements in bulk after load, in case one of them has tried to access a node that is not yet loaded.

  • Added batch function to Surface widget, to run a function while rendering and events are both suspended.

  • Added support for rectangular tiles in the tiled background of a Surface widget

  • Fixed issue that caused an error when dragging an existing edge from one source to another.

  • zoomToFit on the Surface widget now defaults to filling 90% of the viewport. This can be overriden by supplying a fill parameter:

  • The link to filters in the documentation no longer gives a 404.

  • Fixed an issue that was occasionally causing multiple buttons in dialogs.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing dynamically populated overlays to revert when a new State was applied.

  • Introduced the concept of typeProperty (and edgeTypeProperty / portTypeProperty). This reflects the fact that for the majority of applications, the function used to determine some object's type simply looks at the value of some given property. By providing the name of this property, rather than a typeFunction, the Toolkit is then able to write an object's type as well as read it.

  • Added support for setType method

  • Added small fix to avoid buttons being added more than once to a dialog.


23 October 2015

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.0.4. Contains a couple of change to the way posses are handled, and the ability to drop elements onto other elements. Also contains a a fix for the computation of offets when dragging nested elements.
  • update to Rotors to support attributes with colons (such as xlink:href on an svg image)
  • update to Rotors to include <r-html> tag (for embedding HTMl rather than plain text)
  • change pan/zoom widget so it no longer consumes all mouse events it does not process.
  • jsPlumbToolkitUtil.ajax takes optional headers map (for setting http headers).
  • jsPlumbToolkitInstance.load takes optional headers map (for setting http headers).
  • jsPlumbToolkitInstance.load sets Accept:application/json HTTP header if headers not supplied.


16 October 2015

  • added adHocLayout method to Surface widget. This lets you run a named layout one time on your data.


16 October 2015

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.0.3 (changes to Posse dragging, minor bugfixes)

  • Removed a number of spurious animations that were unnecessarily occurring while the Surface widget initialised a paint.


12 October 2015

  • Upgrade to Community edition 2.0.2 (for documentation improvements)


7 October 2015

  • Upgrade to Community edition 2.0.1
  • Documentation improvements


6 October 2015

  • upgrade to Community edition 2.0.0
  • upgrade to Rotors 0.3.5
  • nodeUpdated/edgeUpdated/portUpdated events are given the updates that the user passed in (issue 61)
  • beforeConnect interceptor gets edgeData as third argument (if some data was returned from beforeStartConnect) (issue 62)
  • Add the ability to 'refresh' the set of nodes registered via a registerDroppableNodes call on a Surface.
  • Add centerOnAndZoom function to Surface
  • modelLeftAttribute and modelTopAttribute, which specify the left/top attribute against which to store node positions, now support dotted notation, ie. can refer to a nested element.
  • Added zoomToSelection to Surface widget.


31 August 2015

  • Reinstate animation when panning the surface
  • Expose setPan method on the surface
  • Support animation in the setPan method
  • Support enableAnimation:false flag in render method. default is true.
  • Upgrade to Community edition 1.7.10 (bugfix for animation when providing 0 as param value)


29 August 2015

  • Several improvements to the ingest functionality, including the ability to subsequently ingest new elements.
  • Upgrade to Community edition 1.7.9


21 August 2015

  • Fix loading issue with directed edges in basic JSON parser.
  • Add setDirected method to Edge
  • Add tracePath method to Renderer
  • Add Path Tracing demo


10 August 2015

  • Add traversePath method to Surface (and animateOverlay method to Connection)
  • Upgrade to Rotors 0.3.0
  • Fix issue in Hierarchical layout in which circular references in the hierarchy cause an infinite loop.


1 August 2015

  • Addition of fixElement and floatElement methods to pan/zoom widget and Surface, and exposing of these methods to the layout decorator functionality.


19 July 2015

Initial release.