Build connectivity quickly.

The jsPlumb Toolkit contains everything you need to build an application: pan/zoom, a minimap widget, automatic layouts, data binding, and more..
Using Angular, React, or Vue 2 ? We've got you covered. Create a component and map it to a type, and the Toolkit will take care of the rest.
Leverage HTML5 and CSS3. Seamless integration with mobile devices. Never worry about a touch event again!
      "tap":(params) => {
    "anchor": [ "Left", "Right" ],
      "dbltap": (params) => {
      [ "Arrow", { location:1 } ]

Data Model Centric

Enjoy a clear separation of concerns between your data model and your view layer. Define your node types, map them to a template, load some data and apply a layout.

"Our devs love your product and it has really enhanced ours."