Build connectivity quickly.

The jsPlumb Toolkit contains everything you need to build an application: pan/zoom, a minimap widget, automatic layouts, data binding, and more..
Using Angular, React, or Vue 2/3 ? We've got you covered. Create a component and map it to a type, and the Toolkit will take care of the rest.
Leverage HTML5 and CSS3. Seamless integration with mobile devices. Never worry about a touch event again!
      "tap":(params) => {
    "anchor": [ "Left", "Right" ],
      "dbltap": (params) => {
      [ "Arrow", { location:1 } ]

Data Model Centric

Enjoy a clear separation of concerns between your data model and your view layer. Define your node types, map them to a template, load some data and apply a layout.

"Our devs love your product and it has really enhanced ours."

Comprehensive Browser Support

The jsPlumb Toolkit supports all modern desktop browsers, including IE11, without the need for any polyfills. Have users on mobile devices? Not a problem. The jsPlumb Toolkit supports all modern mobile browsers, and handles touch events seamlessly.

Need a little help?

jsPlumb can have as much or as little involvement in your development as you'd like. Need an occasional zoom call to ensure you're on the right track? We can do that. Need us to take the process of building your app off your hands entirely? We can do that too, in vanilla JS, or React/Angular/Vue/Svelte. Drop us a line on the contact page and we can arrange a chat.
This page is for the Toolkit Edition of jsPlumb. Looking for the Community Edition? Click here.