Version 5.x of the Toolkit is now in Beta

  • Modular Architecture

    5.x is released as a number of separate packages, allowing you to take full advantage of packaging tools that offer tree shaking - you don't need to include Toolkit code you're not using.
  • Written in Typescript

    Typescript helps us ensure the Toolkit is robust, and means that our definition files are never out of date.
  • Enhanced Performance

    We've switch to delegated event handlers, reduced render times and memory footprint, and thrown away a bunch of code that was no longer needed.
  • Vue3 Integration

    5.x offers comprehensive support for Vue3, including the drag/drop manager.
  • Nested Groups

    In 5.x, groups may contain other groups, to an arbitrary depth.
Want to help test?

For a full list of changes, see the 5.x documentation.

Migrating from 2.x to 5.x

There are a number of breaking changes between 2.x and 5.x, which fall broadly into one of 3 categories - packaging, events and rendering.


The Toolkit is now delivered as a set of packages under the scopes @jsplumbtoolkit and @jsplumb. The first thing you'll need to do is to update your package references. Read more about packaging here


Event names have been standardised across the Toolkit and Surface, and every event has an associated params interface. Read more here


The Surface widget now supports a plugin architecture, and several pieces of functionality that used to be in the Surface, but which not every application used, are now in plugins.

Changes have been made to the syntax of Anchor, Connector, Overlay and Endpoint definitions

We've switched to a set of `data-jtk-**` attributes to define connectivity within the UI.


2.x licensees do not need to purchase a new license to use 5.x.

Development licenses of version 5.x of the Toolkit will continue to be offered as perpetual licenses.

From 5.x onwards, an active support contract does not entitle the contract holder to download the latest version of the Toolkit. In order to maintain access to the latest version of the Toolkit after the initial 12 months download period has elapsed, an upgrade is required to be purchased.