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Build connectivity quickly.

The jsPlumb Toolkit contains everything you need to build an application with visual connectivity: pan/zoom, a minimap widget, automatic layouts, data binding, and more.

Cut your time to market by focusing on what makes your app unique and leave the boring stuff to us.

Get a head start with one of our pre-built applications:
Flowchart Builder
Fully featured flowchart builder for you to use as a base for your own apps. Includes support for custom shapes, edge routing, node resizing, and SVG/PNG/JPG export. Angular, Vue 2/3, React and Svelte versions available.
Database Schema Builder
Includes support for tables, views, multiple columns types, and column relationships. Easily extensible. Angular, Vue 2/3 and React versions available.
Mindmap Builder
Simple mindmap builder, highlighting several advanced features the Toolkit offers, such as custom layouts, parsers and exporters
Explore the wealth of features the Toolkit offers:
Path Tracing
Leverage the Toolkit's underlying Directed Graph to visualize paths between elements.
Active Filtering
Filter drag targets as your users start to drag new connections using the ActiveFiltering plugin.
Segmented Connectors
An adaptable connector that consists of a series of segments, with the option to smooth to a set of Bezier splines
Hierarchy Layout
The classic organization chart layout, with support for horizontal/vertical axis and a number of different alignment options
Learn about how the Toolkit lets you work with groups nested to an arbitrary level, with full drag and drop support.
A playground for testing the various layouts that the Toolkit offers - Hierarchy, Force Directed, Circular, Balloon and more.
Tight integration with major JS libraries/frameworks

Render your nodes using rich components in your library of choice.

Do you have a library you'd like us to integrate with? Get in touch and let us know!

"Our devs love your product and it has really enhanced ours."

Comprehensive Browser Support

The jsPlumb Toolkit supports all modern desktop and mobile browsers, with full touch event support and pinch to zoom on touch devices.

Need a little help?

jsPlumb can have as much or as little involvement in your development as you'd like. Need an occasional zoom call to ensure you're on the right track? We can do that. Need us to take the process of building your app off your hands entirely? We can do that too, in vanilla JS, or React/Angular/Vue/Svelte. Drop us a line on the contact page and we can arrange a chat.