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Release 5.13.1

· 2 min read
Simon Porritt

Release 5.13.1 of the Toolkit is now available. This is a minor release consisting mainly of updates to the Hierarchy layout that came about through work on our series of World Cup visualizations.

Breaking changes

  • The Group class's getAllEdges method does not return edges connected to children of the group as of this release; this method behaves the same for Group as it does for Node now. It's not very likely that users of the API would be using this method.


  • We made some improvements to the way the Hierarchy layout places elements when invert is switched on.
  • We added a groupUnattachedRoots flag to the options for the Hierarchy layout. When a dataset contains one or more elements that have no child elements, the layout will ordinarily place these elements such that they do not intersect the area that the space child elements of the previous root take up. But when groupUnattachedRoots is set, these root nodes will be placed next to the previous root node. You can see this behaviour in the high level tournament view from our World Cup site:

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